While there are many tasks a handy homeowner can tackle alone, some plumbing problems should always be left to the professionals. Sometimes even their best efforts aren’t enough to get the job done.  Ultimately, homeowners don’t have the appropriate training or access to the proper tools to properly diagnose and repair some problems. Here are five issues that will always require help from a professional plumber.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure in your sinks or showers could mean that you have a blockage in your plumbing or, worse, a leak. Additionally, city supply issues and poor pipe design can play a part in low-pressure. A plumbing professional will be able to recognize the source of your problem and provide an appropriate solution. Ultimately, if you attempt to DIY a low-pressure problem, you can damage your home and sewer lines.

Finding Leaks

If you hear the sound of running water or see unexplained puddles of water, you might have a leak. It’s difficult for homeowners to find the source of a leak without assistance and equipment. Leaks should be addressed as soon as possible as they leave your home susceptible to water damage and mold.

Major Installations

If you’re taking on some home renovations, you might feel tempted to tackle some of the new installations yourself. However, attempting a plumbing project without the proper knowledge and experience can result in expensive repairs or entire re-installations. Many large overhauls include updated room layouts. In bathrooms and kitchens, this means moving appliances and fixtures. Relocating items like sinks and dishwashers will require moving supply lines and the necessary drains. Even two inches is a huge undertaking. Consequently, attempting these updates on your own can result in a ruined renovation and extremely expensive repairs.

Consistent Clogs

Clogs are a nuisance. Inevitably, homeowners have to deal with them at some point. Though there are several ways to unclog a drain yourself, if it seems to be a common recurrence then it’s probably time to call the plumber. Furthermore, a consistent clog in the same place or simultaneous clogs in multiple places are signs of a larger problem. You might be dealing with a clogged sewer line or need a drain cleaning service. This will swiftly get everything back on track..

Sewage Smell

Dealing with a sewage backup is dangerous and should only be addressed by professionals. If you’re smelling a strange smell of sewage in your home, you should call a plumber immediately. Avoid any standing water or puddles as they could contain toxic and hazardous waste materials.