We bet you don’t really give much thought to the piping in your home. At least, we hope not. That’s our job. It’s one of those aspects of life you just assume is functioning properly… out of sight, out of mind. Until you start to see some red flags. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of those disturbances and how it could mean repiping for you home. While we hope you don’t have a pipe system failure, sometimes in older homes, it could be inevitable.

Is your house an old structure?

Older homes that have never been repiped before will likely need an entirely new plumbing system installed as soon as possible. Houses that are 50+ years old often have galvanized pipes, which have been known to break or corrode over time.

Do you have low water pressure?

Low or fluctuating water pressure when using your faucets could indicate you need new pipes. Rust or mineral buildup is common in older pipe systems. This leads to less water coming through and resulting in low water pressure.

Do you have discolored tap water?

Rust buildup from older pipes and plumbing systems can lead to your tap water turning brown or reddish brown. Galvanized pipes, which are often found in older homes, tend to rust or corrode over time, causing your water quality to drop.

Are leaks and broken pipes common?

While occasional isolated pipe leaks can happen, they don’t necessarily mean you need to repipe your entire house. However, multiple pipe leaks becoming a common occurrence may make you consider repiping your entire house, if only just to save money on constant repairs.

It’s important to note, these symptoms don’t always mean repiping. Diagnosing the source of the problem should always be left to the professionals. Repiping your whole house will take time and money, but if you are experiencing constant plumbing problems related to old or faulty pipes, then repiping would be the most cost-effective solution. We are happy to walk you through the process and help you find the best price to fit your budget for a new home plumbing system!