Repiping a home is something that homeowners do not want to think about. However, with the right plumber, who is licensed, insured, and equipped, repiping does not have to be painful. This week, we are looking at some common signs that a home needs repiping. Read on to learn what these warning signals are and how to deal with them.

Why Do I Need Repiping?

Many homes in the Central Florida area that are beginning to age have galvanized metal pipes. Unfortunately, this type of piping corrodes and deteriorates overtime. When the pipes start to breakdown it causes issues for homeowners. Sometimes, it is a small inconvenience, such as a gradual decline in water pressure. However, it also leads to larger issues such as leaks, poor water quality, a sudden spike in a water bill.

Homeowners who avoid the warning signs and put off calling a professional often have a larger bill in the end. Old and damaged pipes have the potential to cause a whole host of issues in a home.

High Water Bills

Generally, homeowners know how much they pay a month in utilities. However, a sudden spike in a water bill is a sign that there is an issue somewhere along the line. Often times, that issue is a leak. There are a number of different reasons that plumbing leaks. One of the most common is an old pipe that has corroded or cracked from use overtime. Obviously, that part of the piping needs to be redone in order to repair the leak.

Most plumbers are not going to recommend simply repiping a single portion of the plumbing. Generally, a house’s plumbing is all installed all at once. If one part of that piping has a leak, other parts are probably not far off.

Problems With Water Quality

Older pipes that need replacing cause many different problems in water quality.

Discolored Water

Water from pipes that need to be replaced is oftentimes discolored or cloudy. Sometimes, if the situation is bad enough, the water itself appears rusty or has small flakes of rust in it. If it gets to the point where homeowners can see the rust, it is time to call a plumbing professional right away. Drinking rest and other metal particles is very unhealthy.

Bad Smelling Water

In addition to looking odd, homeowners often notice the water smells differently as well. Usually, it smells nasty, almost like street runoff.

Water That Tastes Off

Most people know how the water in their home tastes. When a home is in need of repiping, this taste changes suddenly. The most commonly reported issue is a bitter taste. However, the change is not always immediately obvious. Plumbers often see homeowners report that their water simply tastes “off”.

Other Common Signs

  • Numerous leaks
  • Low water pressure
  • Fluctuation in water pressure
  • Pipes that are flaking, dimpling, or otherwise obviously damaged
  • Frequent problems with the plumbing backing up