The only thing you use the shower for is getting clean. You use soap and come out smelling fresh and clean. So why does the shower drain, which is exposed to that same soap, suddenly have such a bad odor? From mold and mildew to clogs and malfunctioning parts, learn about a few things that could be causing your shower drain to smell.

Clogged Drain or Stopper

The grate covering your shower drain stops large items from being whisked away with the water. And smaller things like hair, soap scum, and other detritus gets caught before it gets too far away. Over time however, these items can clump together and cause a bit of a clog. And this clog develops a smell when it is allowed to remain. A simple solution is to remove the drain cover, typically just a single screw holds it in place, clear out the clog, and scrub the drain cover before replacing it. It is not a pretty job, but your drain flow and your nose will thank you for getting it done.

Mold or Mildew

In science class we learned that mold and mildew thrive in warm, wet, and dark spaces. Your shower drain is the ideal climate for them to flourish. While you have your drain cover off to remove the clog from the previous step, it is a good idea to also clean the drain opening, stopper, and any gaps in between to eliminate any mold or mildew that may be hiding there. When putting the drain cover back, make sure it is seated properly without any gaping. If it does not sit properly, then it has warped and needs to be replaced.

Dry Trap

Part of your drain system is a p-trap or u-trap. It is called that because of its distinctive shape that allows a little bit of water to remain in order to prevent sewer gases from creeping up through your drain. If you notice a rotten eggs or sulfur smell, you trap may not be working properly. Shine a light down the drain, and if you do not see any water, it is possible this is your culprit. Pour two cups of water down the drain, and if all the water is gone again in an hour, give Conyers Plumbing a call to inspect it.

Contact Us

If you checked all these options, cleaned your drain and stopper to the best of your ability and the odor still remains, not to worry. Give us at Conyers Plumbing a call. Whatever the cause, rest assured that we will find it and eliminate it. You do not have to live with smelly drains any more!