Taking a shower is not only hygienic but is also a refreshing experience as well. A shower in the morning can be just what a person needs to start their day off right. On the other hand, a spa-like evening shower might be just what the doctor ordered to take away the stresses of the day and help prepare the body and mind for rest and sleep.  With the abundance of options for showers, it can be confusing to decide on what is best for you. In this article, we will discuss some considerations that should be taken into before purchasing a shower system.

What Is A Shower System?

A shower system is all the parts of a shower.  They include multiple components that when brought together, make up a whole system that allows a person to shower.  A shower system can be purchased and installed as one package or the individual parts can all be purchased and installed separately.

What Are The Components Of A Shower System?

The components of a shower system are as follows:

  • The Shower Head- this is the component where the water comes out of.
  • The Shower Faucet- this is the component that turns on or off the shower and also determines the temperature.
  • The Bath Valve-This is for systems where the bath also allows for showers. This determines whether the water will come out of the bath faucet or the showerhead.

Types Of Showerheads

There are three main types of showerheads.

  1. Fixed showerheads- These are showerheads that are fixed to the wall or ceiling. These showerheads might allow for a slight adjustment of the head but do not offer a great range of mobility.
  2. Handheld Showerheads- Handheld shower heads are connected to the plumbing via a tube. Handheld showerheads are meant to be flexible and be used in the hands.  They can be mounted on the wall to offer a fixed showerhead experience.
  3. Hybrid showerheads- A hybrid showerhead are showerheads that are a combination of the two. The showerhead is permanently fixed to the wall or ceiling but can be separated to offer the handheld experience.  They can also be dual showerheads, where one is fixed and the other is handheld. By switching a valve, a person can decide which they prefer to use.

What Type Of Material Do I Want?

Shower systems come in all types of finishings and are made from different types of materials. For example, if a person wants a classic or antique look, they might consider bronze, brass, or copper.  If a person is interested in a modern look, they might consider a shower system made from polished chrome or nickel.  If a person is interested in a clean, sterile look, then they might be interested in a shower system that is made in materials that offer white or off-white coloring.

What About A Spa-like Experience?

Most showerheads come with adjustable settings that allow the user to decide how they wish to be sprayed and at what pressure.  For the person that wants to feel truly clean, they should be able to find an adjustment that allows for maximum spray pressure to ensure that clean feeling.  For the person that wants to relax, they should be able to find an adjustment that allows for a more gentle touch.  There are even shower systems that can be connected to Bluetooth and report the news, play podcasts, or play music while you shower.  Some shower systems will also have led lights with the more advanced being able to synchronize the led lights with the Bluetooth to offer light that is compatible with the music.