No bathroom is complete without the sink. Most people do not give a second thought about the type of sink they use until they begin to remodel. Often, many people can get overwhelmed by the number of bathroom sinks in the market. The sheer number makes it difficult to determine which sink is best for them. In this article, we will discuss the various types of bathroom sinks available and talk about the differences between each sink.

Bathroom Sink Types

There are eight types of bathroom sinks available for purchase. Although they all serve the same function, many times, it will come down to style and personal preference. The eight sinks are as follows:

  • Drop-in Bathroom Sink
  • Undermount Bathroom Sink
  • Vessel Sink
  • Pedestal and Basin Combo Sink
  • Console Basin and Leg Combo Sink
  • Wall Mount Sink
  • Corner Bathroom Sink
  • Bathroom Vanities With Top Sinks

Drop-in Bathroom Sink

Drop-in bathroom sinks are one of the most common sinks due to them being very easy to install. The sink has pre-cut holes for the faucet. It gets the name drop-in because it drops into the countertop with the rim resting along the surface.

Undermount Bathroom Sink

An under-mount bathroom sink is so named because you mount it underneath the cabinet. The goal of an under-mount sink is to blend into the countertop. Unlike the drop-in sink, there is no rim to the sink giving the countertop a clean look.

Vessel Sink

Vessel sinks, otherwise known as countertop sinks, are a newer sink design that has gained immense popularity. They rest directly on top of the counter and come in different shapes, colors, and styles, allowing for a distinct look. The advantage of a vessel sink is that the faucet can be connected directly into the wall and flow into the sink, thus creating a spa-like setting. On the other hand, it can come up from the sink itself in a traditional setting.

Pedestal and Basin Combo Sink

As the name suggests, a pedestal and basin combo sink is a sink that sits on top of a pedestal. These sinks tend to be smaller and, therefore, the common choice to use in half baths or small apartments where space is limited.

Console Basin and Leg Combo Sink

A console basin and leg combo sink is a sink that is usually connected to the wall but also has two legs in the front for added support. These sinks are stylish and often found in bathrooms with little room. Some console basins and leg combo sinks might have shelving between the legs for added storage.

Wall Mounted Sinks

As the name suggests, wall-mounted sinks are sinks you mount on the wall. This is the most common sink found in public and commercial bathrooms due to the ability to allow individuals who are wheelchair-bound access to the sink.

Corner Bathroom Sinks

Corner bathroom sinks are a hybrid between wall-mounted sinks and pedestal sinks. As the name suggests, corner bathroom sinks are sinks placed in the corner of a bathroom to use spacing issues.

Bathroom Vanities With Tops

Bathroom vanities with top sinks are also a common sink due to their easy-to-install and create extra storage underneath. The vanities may vary, allowing for multiple designs, and can also accommodate vessel sinks.

In Conclusion

If you are interested in updating or replacing a bathroom sink or would like to know what options might be available for your home, contact Conyers Plumbing for an estimate.