Things Your Plumber Wishes You Knew

Plumbing is one of those jobs that is often overlooked. But, when the time comes that you need a plumber, you quickly realize that they are absolutely essential. Plumbers can do a variety of jobs from cleaning and repairing broken pipes to fixing a massive leak in a swimming pool. A plumber does it all and does not get nearly enough praise for doing such ‘dirty’ jobs. Yet, in their day-to-day experience, there are some tips and bits of advice that your plumber wishes you and everyone else knew.  So, while you may not cross paths with a plumber anytime soon, we are here to let you in on the advice they’d share.

Shop Around For Plumbers

If you suddenly find yourself in need of a plumber, it is perfectly fine to shop around. Depending on how urgent the job is, getting a bid from two or three different plumbers is recommended for gauging cost. Any plumber worth their salt will not be offended if you’re quoting from a competitor. Remember that the best cost does not necessarily mean the best repair. It is best to look at each plumber’s qualifications and experience, in addition, ensuring that you get the best results.

Spend Now, Save Later

While this may not be the best mantra to have in all aspects of life, “Spend Now, Save Later” can save you thousands in regard to plumbing. Spending the time and money now to properly maintain your equipment, save money later by preventing costly damages. For instance, it may cost a pretty penny to have your pipes and drains professionally cleaned. But, in the long run, you are saving yourself from headaches and massive repair bills.

Know What Can Safely Go in a Garbage Disposal

Based on the name, you may assume that all ‘garbage’ can be shoved down into the garbage disposal. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Aside from the obvious glass, plastic, or other recyclables that should never be sent down the drain, there are some less obvious items as well.

By now, we have all heard that grease or animal fat should not be put in the garbage disposal. While it may be liquid when you pour it, fats do not stay that way. When fats cool, they thicken and cling to the inside of your pipes; engulfing anything else that comes down afterward. This very quickly leads to a clog and potential pipe damage. A good rule of thumb is, stick with only food or drink items that your teeth can easily chew, but avoid anything sticky like honey or maple syrup that can clog the inside of the pipe.

Know Your Limits as an Amateur Plumber

There are some jobs around the house that you can easily do yourself. Replacing a toilet handle? You got this! Clearing a jam in a garbage disposal? You and the Allen wrench have it under control. But other times, you may try to repair something and end up making it worse. Know that if you do not feel confident in your abilities, your plumber is here to help. They would much rather you call them to do the job than to see you hurt yourself or make the job much bigger and more expensive than it needed to be. So, take care of yourself, your home, and your bank account by knowing when to say “no” and call the plumber.