Garbage Disposal Repair

No modern North American household seems complete without a garbage disposal. Yet, there is no greater a love-hate relationship between home cook and kitchen appliance, than with the garbage disposal and its owner. There is no quicker way to get rid of unwanted food than to flush it down the hungry workings of the garbage disposal. But, as with many other things, the kitchen’s greatest gift can also be its greatest curse.

If you are constantly battling with garbage disposal clog, then you need to renew your appliance and see having it replaced.

Listen to Your Garbage Disposal

Ignoring odd sounds from your garbage disposal can result in expensive damages later. If an odd sound is heard from your disposal, use a table measuring spoon and see if you can scoop out debris around the edges of the disposal. Chances are, you will find some hard or sharp items in your disposal. Scoop them out as best you can safely.

Quick Fix for Clearing Clog

Put ice cubes, citrus peels, apple cider vinegar, and baking soda down the garbage disposal without water, then turn on the garbage disposal. The ice cubes will sharpen the blades, and the citrus/baking soda combination will chemically break down the food. If this fails, Plan B disconnects the trap under the sink and cleans it out. While it is disconnected, it’s a good idea to snake out the pipe with a ‘plumbers snake’ to properly clean out the pipe leading down to the house drain.

Feed your Egg Shells, Certain Peels, and Coffee Grounds to your Garden Instead

Broken-down eggshells and coffee grounds can create small bits and particles that can clog up your drain. Peels from potatoes turn into a starchy, glue-like substance, and banana peels make a stringy mess for the mix. It’s better to deposit all of these to your garden mix instead, as it helps with the bioactive breakdown and keeps your drains clog-free.

Find other Uses for Bacon Grease

There are numerous other applications for this byproduct rather than letting bacon grease clog up your drains. Using the internet, you can look for numerous recipes that use bacon grease, such as clam’s casino. You can use the bacon grease for its rendered fat in a soap recipe or add it as aromatic tea leaves to make scented soap. Another use is to donate it to a community biofuel project. You can even refrigerate it for a suet recipe for backyard birds.

Flushing and Draining – Garbage Disposal Repair Final Thoughts

Running your water for thirty seconds after disposing of anything down the drain can help with flushing the excess biomaterials down. Remember to feed the disposal with ice cubes or crushed ice occasionally, so they grind at the blades and keep them nice and sharp.