Improving Water Quality In Your Home

Water quality is an extremely vital issue around the entire world. Most modern home homes have access to clean, safe water, but there are several plumbing upgrades as well as improvement projects that could provide you and your family with good-tasting, safe, clean water.

Drinking-Water Filter

Whether your water comes from a municipal supply or a well, the application of a water filter is a way to vastly improve the quality and taste of your water. No matter where your water comes from, municipal supply, or a well, adding a filter helps to improve quality and taste. Modern water filtrations systems are more innovative, reliable, and better than ever before. Ranging from simple pitcher filters to in-faucet filters that are directly incorporated into your plumbing. Choosing the best type for your family, budget, and supply needs is important.

Faucet Filter

Faucet filters are a product you screw into the existing faucet and act like pitcher systems used by various companies around the world. However, using a more convenient design, they allow you to fill your drinking water glass directly from the faucet and eliminate several different contaminants from the water. Regular filter changes make up the maintenance for these filters and are an easy, affordable cost.

Single-Stage Filter

Single-stage filters are larger, more advanced faucet filters. A single-stage water filter should be installed into your kitchen sink by a licensed plumber. They’ll often come with a drinking water tap for easy visual reference. These filters remove dirt, sediments, and other contaminants from your water. The cost of maintenance for these filters ranges from $100-$300 and varies via brand and installation.

Reverse Osmosis Filter

Reverse Osmosis filters are the ideal home water filtration system. Their design uses carbon filters and membranes to eradicate nearly all harmful contaminants present in drinking water. A unit is mounted within the plumbing system and sometimes has a separate tap, but this depends on the brand. Although several different manufacturers offer reverse osmosis systems, their maintenance costs range from $500 and upwards based on the brand and the installation fees.

While water filters allow for tastier, healthier water for drinking, they cannot purify water. Therefore, it’s important to always stay on top of your regularly scheduled maintenance of your filters and keep a close eye on your filter’s performance to ensure you receive the safest, cleanest water.

Replace Rusted Plumbing to Improve Water Quality

Older plumbing pipes will become galvanized over time and rust. This will make a mess for your appliances and cause premature wear and damage to your system. A common way to catch this is seeing rust in your dishwasher or washing machine. Although rusting pipes might not affect drinking water, this very often shows up in hot water, affecting bathing and showering. Many plumbers recommend installing a filter with your hot water pipe, a temporary solution to the issue. Eventually, decay will eat away at your plumbing, and you will need to replace it fully. Call us for assistance if this is the case.