Flushing Wipes and Paper Towels

Remote work, layoffs, closed hangouts, and homestays – The average individual is spending much more time staying home than before, and some changes to their routines come with that. With the onset of more at home and getting comfortable, some of us make less-than-wise decisions. Namely, being what they are flushing down their commodes. Anything from paper towels, disinfectant wipes, sanitary products, and more can be problematic for a septic system and even the sewage plants. It is never a good idea to resort to flushing wipes and paper towels down your toilet, and this article will help explain why.

Issues of Flushing Wipes and Paper Towels

The toilet paper that we use for our sanitary needs is specifically made with the intent to be decomposable. They rot away in septic tanks, sewer lines, pipes, and any other plumbing fixture to prevent clogs. But unfortunately, things like disposable wipes, paper towels, and more ‘hardy’ hygiene products are not. These can cause a host of issues anywhere from the start of your plumbing line, all the way to the sewer line, sanitation systems, and treatment plants at the end – which can lead to other problems, including clogs, and backups, overflows, and water table corruption with wastewater. All of which can be costly headaches for any homeowner to deal with.

If you are out of toilet paper, there is no perfect solution to your troubles, but the last thing you should do is attempt to flush anything aside from toilet paper down the commode.

Sewer Lines Clogged

With the uptick of plumbers being called in to deal with sewer issues, many contractors are finding it more common during this pandemic. They see baby wipes, paper towels, and even Lysol rise from sewer systems – Never flush these. If you absolutely have no other options, small amounts of facial tissue can be used. Never excessively use them, as these can cause problems in your line just as easily if you ‘overload’ the pipes. They will not decompose as easily as toilet paper, but they can be more manageable than the others.


If you’re out of toilet paper, using a trash can to dispose of your hygiene products. It might be the most logical solution until you can find more. But, if you’ve made the mistake of flushing unintended wipes or paper towels down your toilet, you may have a problem.

In the case that you are currently dealing with plumbing issues caused by improper product usage, you might just be able to use a plunger or ‘snake’ to clear your line. If not, it might be time to consider calling a professional to deal with this for you. Cleanup of your sewage system can be an unsanitary and often difficult job for the average layman. Especially without specialized tools to deal with the situation. In that case, you should look to Conyers Plumbing, as we can assist you in this problem.