Can I Have A Plumbing Infestation?

Piping in a home can make odd sounds, which are often the result of old pipes or blockages. With this in mind, some homeowners mistake the noises of their water pipes for signs of life. However, on rare occasions, rattling and clanging sounds may indicate a plumbing infestation in the home’s fixtures.

If this worries you, read more within! It would be best if you protected your plumbing to prevent damage from pests.

Plumbing Issues Can Cause A Plumbing Infestation

Don’t wait to repair those pipe leaks – They can cause greater hassles for a homeowner. Any plumbing fixture with a pipe leak might cause an influx of pests since the leak provides a water source that attracts many common insects or other vermin. 

Though pests usually enter your home through cracks in the walls or even through the front door… Some are trickier to prevent. Insects like hardy roaches can sneak into your home from outside through pipe cracks or improperly sealed fixtures. Be warned, you aren’t safe even with properly sealed plumbing. Even small, normally unnoticeable openings like a torn screen can lead to pests making your plumbing their new home.

Insect Infestation Can Cause Irreparable Damage To Your Fixtures

Concerning pests, there is a growing problem with common invasive rodents and insects destroying the plumbing systems in homes throughout Florida. When pests such as roaches and flies breed in your plumbing, they can cause nasty clogs that strain your drainage systems.

These insects may be a danger to our health, but generally, they are not as structurally damaging as more furry invaders, like rodents.

Rodents Can Be Worse

While roaches can be irritating, the rat is the most troublesome due to their nasty habit of chewing through a pipe to get to the water within. If your pipes are not beneath the flooring or in an area accessible to rats, you should be aware and prevent a horrific incident from occurring by being proactive if they’re present.

Additionally, rats attracted by leaky or broken pipes can further eat away at the insulation around them, increasing your water bill and putting you at risk for structural damage. The more pests you attract, the bigger your repair bill will be.

Keep Plumbing Infestation Chances Low, And Insects Away

The first few steps of protecting your property begin here. Pests are known to enter plumbing via leaking pipes and cracks. Sealing leaks and cracks help eliminate water sources that attract and support the pests’ breeding population. Just like us, without water, there can be no colonies. 

In addition, a good rule of thumb to follow is to avoid pouring down oil, flushable wipes, and other items that can get stuck in your drains. Also, clean your drains and the surrounding surfaces to avoid bacteria build-up. 

We have spoken about this before, but chemical drain cleaners are not recommended. These cleaners are very acidic and will when misused, severely damage your pipes. If you need further assistance with these issues, contact us at Conyers Plumbing. We would be more than happy to provide our expertise.