Protecting Your Plumbing from Parties

Having a plumbing emergency is incredibly stressful. What was once considered a modest skill has become a high-demand service for anyone who would like to do it quickly and efficiently. So, with that in mind, have you ever thrown a party and noticed that everything was going wrong with your plumbing? It turns out that the problem may not be your pipes—it could be the way you’re using them.

To protect your plumbing and keep it in good shape, here are some simple things you can do:

Adding Trash Cans to Bathrooms

In order to keep your guests happy and your plumbing working correctly, ensure there’s a trash can right next to the toilet. Guests will need a place to dispose of feminine products and baby wipes.

Likewise, do the same in other homes if possible. Being a guest is different than staying in your own home. It’s important to respect others’ space and leave it as clean as you would want others to leave your space.

Plunge minor clogs to clear them

When alcohol and delicious snacks are present, clogs can happen. So keep a plunger near the bathroom, and let your guests know that if the toilet needs attention, they should notify you directly. If a clog does occur, guests can resolve minor clogs by themselves.

Use All Restrooms

Listen, if you’ve got more bathrooms than necessary, you might be tempted to cool it on the guest accommodations. But no matter how comfortable your guests are in your home, they still have to go. Don’t let your guest bathroom work overtime if you have others to spare. Your personal bathroom is much less unsightly than a toilet that suffers a significant clog due to constant use.

It’s also perfectly acceptable to say, “Someone will be right out” or “Just give me a moment,” as long as your guests know they won’t have difficulty finding the facilities. Moreover, multiple guests can use the facilities simultaneously if necessary.

Don’t Flush Garbage Down the Drain.

When you’ve finished eating, always scrape your plate into the trash. Grease, oils, and other food scraps cause clogs in your garbage disposal. If you don’t, you’ll be stuck with a nasty, smelly clog that will take a plumber’s expertise to fix. It’s not just about being considerate of others. Using the trash is also safer for you and your pipes.

Avoid Unpleasant, Hairy Situations

To keep your drains from getting clogged, buy a couple of inexpensive hair catchers and attach them to the drains in your house. Hair catchers keep hair out of the drain and prevent other items from going down the pipe.

If You Have A Plumbing Emergency, Call A Plumber.

We at Conyers Plumbing are always on call and even offer emergency plumbing service. There’s no job we can’t handle. We put our customers first, ensuring everything stays in tip-top shape. Whenever you need our services, you can count on us to be there fast. We’ll never leave you in the lurch.