Bathroom Plumbing Choices For Your Home

If you’re planning a bathroom remodel, your biggest decision will be whether to stick with your current pipes, or choose something new. If you plan to stick with what’s already in the walls, the choice is PVC. Copper can be used as well. If you have older homes with iron piping, then there are two options: galvanized-iron and copper. Though, you may be leaning towards replacing your pipes if they are leaking, rusty, or if you just want the newest material available.

If you want a more creative look in your bathroom, use copper pipe. If you prefer a more classic feel, choose PVC. Whatever you decide, you’ll be moving forward with a wonderful new addition to your home. How much you’ll spend on a bathroom renovation depends on many factors, including the extent of your bathroom renovation, the type of plumbing in your house, and the tools and materials you use.

Choosing Plastic Bathroom Plumbing

Plastic pipes are ubiquitous in our society, they are lightweight and inexpensive. Pipe is the conduit that brings water to our homes and carries away sewage. These pipes have literally become an invaluable component in our daily lives. Plastic pipe, lightweight and inexpensive, is popular for residential plumbing projects. PVC, ABS, PE and CPVC plastic pipe are available. Polybutylene (PB) pipe is prohibited in many local codes.

Rigid and flexible PVC pipe is available in both plastic and chemical-resistant CPVC.

Adding or Replacing Copper Pipe

Copper is an excellent material for water supply pipes. It is available in rigid, flexible and sleeved varieties; sweat-soldered joints are durable, making it a popular choice for exposed areas. Copper does not corrode easily; it’s also the only metal that can naturally produce blue and green hues when oxidized.

Galvanized Iron For Your Home

Pipes made of iron or galvanized steel are often found in older buildings. They’re strong and durable, but it can be hard to cut through them, and they corrode over time because of their exposure to the elements. Additionally, Low water pressure may be a sign that rust has built up inside the pipe.

Cast Iron Pipes

Cast iron pipe is rarely found in new bathroom plumbing. It has a dark color and a rough surface, making it easy to identify. Cast iron is strong, though it is hard to cut and shape to fit together. Connections may leak, and the pipe can rust through if not properly maintained. When the plumbing code allows, plastic pipe should be used as a replacement for metal.

Closing for Bathroom Plumbing

Check with a licensed plumbing contractor, certified building inspector, or local residential plumbing code guidelines before beginning any renovation project that includes plumbing.

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