Home Products Clogging Drains

Life is distressing enough without managing plumbing issues. No one wants to deal with a clogged drain, an overflowing toilet, or a flooding shower every time they turn on a faucet. If you’re having these issues and cannot figure out why, perhaps it’s time to look at what products you’re using around your home.

First, there are many varied reasons your plumbing fixtures and pipework could become obstructed. However, in the restroom, your hair is one of the most common causes. With hair being the first latent issue, the problem can be exasperated by everything else. Cleansers and conditioners, shaving creams, and other self-care items add to obstructions that are slowly forming. If you’re at your wits’ end with constant clogging, read more to learn what the causes could be.

Some Beauty Products That Commonly Clog Drains

Running your hands under the sink to be rid of lotion might seem harmless, but if you do something like this regularly, the effects can compound into a drainage problem. Several ingredients and beauty products can cause this more frequently. There are:

  • Shea or coconut butter-based body lotions.
  • Face masks and facial creams made with clay.
  • Contact lenses.
  • Moisturizers, more problematic, are those with sunscreen and exfoliators.
  • Shaving creams or hair removal creams.
  • Bath bombs, coffee scrubs, etc.
  • Shampoo, conditioner, hair masks.

You’d be surprised how many things you use every day can cause issues, correct? Especially considering that bath bombs and exfoliating scrubs, which are designed to be used in the bath, can cause problems. A way to alleviate the stresses on your system is to avoid anything with heavy oils or coffee grounds. Oils congeal, collect hair. Coffee does the same.

Preventing Clogging Drains

There are a number of ways to prevent a clog from ever happening in the first place. However, prevention can go a long way to saving you costly plumber bills. Beneath are a few tips that are proven to work at preventing issues with your drainage.

Use Cosmetic Wipes – Things like cosmetics wipes assist you with taking off cosmetics without flushing them down your toilet. Instead, choose reusable cotton pads for a more sustainable option.

Install a Drain Catcher – Drain catchers are an excellent method for forestalling clogs. In short, put the catcher on top of or into the channel of your drain and wipe it out at the end of each week to find out how much truly turns out down your drain.

Discard all cosmetic products correctly – It might seem like everything fluid can and ought to go down your drain. However, by throwing old items in the garbage, you can save time, cash, and migraines.

If you have further problems with your drainage system or have questions about tips regarding these issues. Contact us at Conyers Plumbing. We would be happy to help clear your drains or ensure you know the correct way to keep your system working. Your home’s health is our greatest priority.