As you can imagine, we’ve seen and heard it all. Most people take working plumbing in their home for granted. In fact, you might not even think about it until there’s a problem. Either way, there are certain questions that we get asked at almost every visit. Here are a handful of those questions:

What are signs that the plumbing might be leaking?

There are several signs that people should watch out for that might indicate a leak is present. However, the most common sign is a rising water bill. This could mean that water is being used without the knowledge of the owner. Other red flags could be an unexplained sound of running water or standing water somewhere in your house or lawn.

Can I use bottled water to flush the toilet?

The answer to this question is yes. Sometimes, the water treatment plant might have issues that render the water unsafe to use. In this situation, people can use bottled water to flush their toilet. Living in Florida, you might be accustomed to filling your bathtub with water as a precaution during a hurricane. It is for this reason.

Why is there fluoride in the water?

Most people have heard that fluoride is used to treat the water before it reaches a residential location. The reason behind placing fluoride in the water supply is that fluoride helps to strengthen the teeth and prevent cavities. Fluoride helps to reinforce the enamel and helps keep people’s teeth strong.

Why should I call a plumber?

When people have problems with their water supply, they may try to fix it themselves to avoid having to call a plumber; however, people often wind up doing more damage to their plumbing system instead of fixing the problem. Now, the plumber has to fix multiple problems instead of just one, consequently costing you more money. If there is a problem, call the professionals to handle it on the first try.

Why is my toilet leaking from the base?

There are two reasons that a toilet might be leaking from the base. The first reason is that someone moved the toilet from its original location during a home renovation or remodel. The second reason is that the toilet may be running under a high pressure that the base cannot handle. Call a professional for assistance.