Hydro-jetting is one of the most advanced and effective ways to clean pipes and remove blockages effectively. Providing a non-invasive option to efficiently remove a range of clogs and obstructions, including tree roots, hydro-jetting can be the best solution for slow, blocked, or smelly drains. However, there are some essential facts you need to be aware of before choosing hydro-jetting for your pipes.

1. Hydro-jetting Has Been Around Since The 1950s

Hydro-jetting first emerged as a plumbing technique in the 1950s, but at first it was too expensive to be available for regular residential and commercial use. The equipment today is more compact, powerful, and effective. Now a single plumber can operate with outstanding results for residential use and smaller businesses.

2. Used for Lateral Pipes and Drains

Lateral pipes and drains connect the plumbing of a home to the mains plumbing system, and are the responsibility of the homeowner. Lateral pipe blockages can be expensive when not promptly attended to, and can even cause pipe collapse. Hydro-jetting gently shifts blockages and lateral pipes and restore function avoiding the need for excavation and invasive measures.

3. Non-Invasive Cleaning

Before a hydrating session, your qualified plumber should use a camera inspection to get a close look at the nature of the problem and apply the right fix. Camera inspections help to protect your pipes from any damage during the unblocking process and allow you to see for yourself how hydro jetting benefits your plumbing.

4. Uses High Pressure Water To Remove Clogs

Unlike plumbing snakes which merely puncture a hole in clogs to allow water to pass through, hydro-jetting uses high-pressure water to disintegrate and flush clogs clean away. Hydro-jetting uses water at a pressure from 7000 psi to 60,000 PSI to clear away a range of materials from within your pipe including sediments grease hair for an objects and even tree roots.

5. Cleans AND Unclogs

Unlike plumbing snakes, hydro-jetting actually clean the interior of your pipes washing away even the smallest traces of grease hair dirt sediment and bacteria. This keeps your pipes unclogged and clean for longer and reduces the long-term costs and burden of plumbing maintenance.

6. No Chemicals or Foreign Materials

Hydro-jetting is one of the most environmentally friendly pipe cleaning solutions. Hydro-jetting uses only pure water and pressure to clean pipes. Unlike other harsh cleaning chemicals and foreign substances that are introduced to pipes to clean them, hydro-jetting does not negatively affect your home or the environment.

7. Hydro-jetting Should Be Done With Care

Hydro-jetting is extremely effective, however, it can also be hazardous. The extremely high pressures of water used to clean pipes can cause severe damage to your plumbing or serious injuries to you or others when misused. It’s best to choose a qualified plumber to perform your hydro-jetting. Your plumber can also provide a camera inspection beforehand to ensure that the pipes will stand up to the pressure of the water and that the clog will be effectively removed by the procedure.

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