Water Pressure and Your Plumbing Systems

People have different opinions about what constitutes adequate water pressure. To come up with a definitive standard, you need to make an objective measurement. You’ll have a much better chance of quantifying your water pressure if you measure it with an accurate pressure gauge. These are easy to find online.

Most shower heads emit water at high pressure, which can cause discomfort for some people and even scalding for those with sensitive skin. The gentle rain shower head allows bathers to choose the amount of water according to their need, thereby preventing such problems.

Making your tap water into a gentle rain shower hit its stride in Japan, where more buyers prefer the lower-pressure system. They like that it feels pleasant and avoids scalding, which is tough for bathers for whom hot water is not a luxury. So, if that’s what you’re seeking, an adjustment of your system might be something you want.

Water Pressure and You

You may be surprised to learn that the average water pressure in a US city is around 40-80 PSI. If you want to know what your system is standing at, use a pressure gauge! Water pressure gauges are easy to use, practical tools for checking the pressure in your home’s water system. All you need is a screwdriver, an adjustable wrench, and a feel for things mechanical. With that alone, you can set up the gauge and estimate how much pressure any faucet is pulling.

Inspecting a New Home

We don’t always have the time or permission to install a pressure gauge on every home we’d like to purchase. Still yet, many experts recommend that you check the flow of water in your home before you buy it. Any reading under 50 PSI is suspect, and as a prospective homeowner, it’s wise to see for yourself if you like the pressure.

If you don’t have a gauge and are worried about the pressure, try this old-fashioned test: Get the dishwasher or washing machine running. Then turn on a sink or two and go to a bathroom and try the shower, sink, etc. Do this on each floor with other fixtures running. You can get a pretty good idea of whether you’ll be satisfied with them and how they will affect you.

Potential Solutions

A pressure reducer is a device that is often installed in the pipes of a home to bring things down to its ideal level. If the pressure is too low, however, that will be more complicated. A plumber will always have the right tools to solve your problem. It could be installing a water pressure reducer or figuring out if a snake is needed. In any case, leave it to us. Our experts at Conyers Plumbing have the expertise in this field to solve all your problems with ease.